Gambling has always been a favorite pastime of the Irish people and with the advent of the internet and the inclusion of online casinos there is no stopping for the Irish populace. Although the pace has been slow, online gambling in Ireland is fast picking up. In addition, with the government realizing that due to the international nature of online gambling, it is difficult to curb it completely, recommendations related to its regulation and licensing are being put forth. Online gambling in Ireland is legal and for this reason the Irish people have never faced any discrimination or disruption while registering with foreign websites for gambling online; moreover online gambling comes with many sops as well, the most important of them being the exemption of the online gaming sites from paying any betting tax or duty.

After the licensing of the online gaming sites in 2003, Irish people have never faced any problems while playing online. For this reason, they can place bets with not only the domestic bookmakers but with online websites from other countries as well.

When it comes to choosing a good gambling site, the Irish people have many choices. They can choose from amongst the sites based in Ireland and those in other countries as well. Online gambling is legal in Ireland and for this reason; the Irish people have never faced any discrimination or disruption while registering with any of these foreign websites for gambling online. However, when they have to choose from amongst the variety of websites, the first thing they ought to look for is the popularity of the website. A website with a large customer base of Irish people is considered the best Irish gambling site. This way people from Ireland, can compete against the best heads from their country. Other factors besides popularity that mark the selection of a particular website are its customer service and the security of the website.

The best online gambling sites in Ireland offer a number of features to their patrons. These include a variety of games for a range of stakes. Therefore, one may choose a particular game as per his risk bearing capability. In addition, these websites offer various methods of depositing and withdrawing money. Some of the top online casinos of Ireland are known to provide easy and fast withdrawal enabling winners to bank their big winnings almost instantly.

Loyalty towards a particular online gambling site is very well rewarded and such customers get loyalty bonuses, promotional offers and exclusive memberships of some of the best and the most VIP clubs. The offers can take the form of tournament buy-ins, goods, money or other special things. Some online websites also offer bonus money to the customers who make deposits with them. The payment or deposit methods are in tandem with the Irish ways of paying money, thereby giving the people an incentive to play.

Whatever the choice, players have to ensure, that the website they choose is credible and can be relied upon. For this reason, it is always recommended to research and then make a deposit, whether with a domestic bookmaking website or with one, which is based in any other country.