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eu-gambling-regulationThe European Commission has suggested a handful of rule changes for online gambling service providers that are aimed at encouraging countries in the European Union (EU) to employ stricter consumer protection measures. According to the recommendations made, it is deeply concerned that the dangers of excessive gambling and the participation of under-age children in the activity are not curbed. Let us look at some of the concerns that the recommendations are meant to address.

Participation by under-age children

States in the European Union are asked to put security measures in place that will make sure that under-age children do not participate in gambling activities. It is also proposed that legislation is put in place to ensure that there is minimized contact with any gambling activity online among minors and that there is a registration process that requires age verification by site managers.

Socially responsible marketing

The recommendations made by the commission also suggest that the advertisement of gambling activities online needs to done in a socially responsible manner by not suggesting the easy likelihood of successfully making gains gambling online or that gambling can solve people’s financial constrains.

Support for averting the dangers of gambling addiction

There is also a need to look into the fact that continuous support should be provided to gamblers to make sure that the possibility of getting addicted to gambling is considerably reduced. The gamblers should also be availed with direct help lines in case their gambling tendencies begin to get out of hand.

Training of staff

Online gambling service providers should also train their staff members to mingle and engage with players, ensuring that they are aware of gambling addiction and its dangers as well as ensuring they get help when they need it or know where or how to get help. They should also provide detailed information to the gamblers on their losses and winnings so they don’t lose track.

The Commission claims that there are about 7 million people who regularly gamble with 45% of them coming from the EU. It is estimated that quite a significant percentage of the EU adult population are struggling with gambling problems with another large population engaging in potentially dangerous gambling habits.

Consumer protection

Since the recommendations are in line with some already existing standards, which are voluntarily adhered to by members of the EGBA and by which they are audited on, they should be able to provide all the citizens in the EU with a higher level of consumer protection.

Seek cooperation between member states

Most online gambling rules and laws are handled at the national level since there is no cooperation between the 28 EU member states on online gaming regulations. This has created 28 market factions across the EU. The fractured process on gaming regulations has led to the difficulty in finding a solution to the cross boarder challenges leaving consumers exposed to unregulated and potentially harmful markets. The Commission’s recommendations are aimed at promoting cooperation across the EU and also to curb match fixing, fraud and money laundering. Cooperation among all stakeholders in the industry is strongly encouraged.

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  • Vincent says:

    It would be nice to see governments begin to regulate and encourage online gambling, but too many of them are trying to protect gambling monopolies that they’ve build up over the years.

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