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Gamble Aware
If you or something you know has a gambling problem, please visit, Ireland’s national organisation devoted to increasing awareness, improving education and funding treatment for problem gambling.
P: 1800 753 753

You can also visit Gamblers Anonymous (G.A.)
E: info@

For all legal issues you can contact the Department of Justice and Equality
P: 1890 221 227
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eu-gambling-regulationThe European Commission has suggested a handful of rule changes for online gambling service providers that are aimed at encouraging countries in the European Union (EU) to employ stricter consumer protection measures. According to the recommendations made, it is deeply concerned that the dangers of excessive gambling and the participation of under-age children in the activity are not curbed. Let us look at some of the concerns that the recommendations are meant to address.

Participation by under-age children

States in the European Union are asked to put security measures in place that will make sure that under-age children do not participate in gambling activities. It is also proposed that legislation is put in place to ensure that there is minimized contact with any gambling activity online among minors and that there is a registration process that requires age verification by site managers.

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Online casinos offer varied games to play. Though the most sought after games are poker and roulette, keno is the most alluring game in such casinos. In fact, on reflection, Keno has been viewed or may have been even played by all.

Keno is a lottery similar to Lotto. The Chinese first pioneered it in different countries around the world, like Canada, USA and naturally in China also. It gained widespread acceptance because it offered opportunity to earn money by chance. Winning at Keno depends upon not skill but mere luck. In keno gambling skill does not play any part but it is pure luck which can make you win. All credit to the technological development that casinos need not be frequented physically to play the game. To play Keno in the casinos online is a very easy process and a 3rd grader is capable of playing it online.

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Gambling has always been favored in Ireland and as a result reason one can find several clubs, bingo halls, sports betting halls offering lotteries and other forms of gambling. Governed by the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956, the gambling industry of Ireland is a bit different from those in other countries of the world. The Act considers casino gambling as illegal but allows private clubs to provide gambling opportunities. For this reason, the private casinos pose as private clubs and offer unlimited gambling opportunities to their patrons.

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