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The hard fact of the Casino Video poker is that, from the dealt hands, 79 percent are losing hands. That clearly means that only 21 percent are the winning hands. The winning secrets lie in how a person deals with the 79% to transform him from a loser to winner. The secrets of making more money at the video poker game is to know the game, embrace, understand and be loyal to the secrets of success. You surely need to put in your own efforts to win big.

Which Machine Gives A High Payout?

You have to hunt for a video poker machine that is ready to pay you 9 for full house and 6 in case you win at flush.

There are lots of progressive machines paying 8 if you win at full house and paying 5 if you win at flush. Make sure that nickel machines pay a jackpot offer of 250 dollars or even more. The quarter machines should be in a position to pay you 2500 dollars and a dollar machine is ready to offer you 10000 dollars or more if you win. After the calculation it is a proven fact that you can benefit a lot if you play with the maximum (5) number of coins. If you play with less number of chips, you might regret your decision and repent when you luckily win at royal Flush. When you do this kind of silly mistake, in spite of the fact that the casino will pay you if you win the royal flush with less than 5 chips, the casino will surely laugh out load as though the casino has lost, it has still benefited due to your silly mistake.

Now For the Novice Gamers

If you’re a novice gamer, go for the lowest denomination video poker machine. Once you start excelling, you can switch to the high denomination machine.

Here Are Some Of The Winning Secrets At The Video Poker Game

  • There will be reduction of your payout by 5 percent, if you’re holding a kicker with the pair.
  • If you are in a position to draw three cards to win at royal flush, then you shouldn’t draw four cards.
  • Even with a single draw, do not ever commit a mistake to break a flush so as to draw the straight flush.
  • In order to draw the royal flush, always make it a point to break your flush.
  • In order to draw for the straight flush, you must not break the straight.
  • If you hold Jacks or better, never draw five.
  • On the four card draw, never ever leave a ten.
  • Stick on the winning 5 cards hand except when you are drawing the royal flush with a single card.

To avail the benefits, make sure you use the casino card for play. Feel free and ask for the points you can earn for each dollar spent so as to know what benefits you can have.

Spend time to understand each and every card you are dealt with. Do not think that you are playing against your opponent, do not care how long you are taking and play slowly. Most of the gamers are not in a position to understand that Jack is of utmost importance in the deck of cards and it is not the Ace that is important. So, remember that a Jack will give you more fruitful hands than the Aces.

There are lots of video poker games available and therefore due to different payouts, there are set strategies for the games. Always filter your choices and make it two so as to focus on those games. You also need to hone your skills by playing free online video poker on the computer or the portable game of the video poker on a mobile device.

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