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Gamble Aware
If you or something you know has a gambling problem, please visit, Ireland’s national organisation devoted to increasing awareness, improving education and funding treatment for problem gambling.
P: 1800 753 753

You can also visit Gamblers Anonymous (G.A.)
E: info@

For all legal issues you can contact the Department of Justice and Equality
P: 1890 221 227
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One of the players´ biggest concerns when choosing an online casino is to make sure they are visiting a legit website. There are many different pages to choose from, and the job can turn quite disturbing if you don t take some important facts into account.

The first thing to say, if you are wondering if a secure internet casino exists, is that if you take the time to explore legit online casinos, you can be sure your gambling experience will be fun and safe.

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Some people think that Bingo is a game completely based on one’s luck, while others say that winning in online bingo depends on the type of strategy that you use. However, one needs to know that the game depends on the player and not his/her luck and strategy.

You have to accept the fact that Bingo is a game, wherein you cannot win every time you play. However, the excitement that the game provides you outshines the winning factor. Therefore, most people play the game just to feel good without bothering about winning or losing. Here are some tips and strategies that may help you win the game.

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The hard fact of the Casino Video poker is that, from the dealt hands, 79 percent are losing hands. That clearly means that only 21 percent are the winning hands. The winning secrets lie in how a person deals with the 79% to transform him from a loser to winner. The secrets of making more money at the video poker game is to know the game, embrace, understand and be loyal to the secrets of success. You surely need to put in your own efforts to win big.

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Online casinos offer varied games to play. Though the most sought after games are poker and roulette, keno is the most alluring game in such casinos. In fact, on reflection, Keno has been viewed or may have been even played by all.

Keno is a lottery similar to Lotto. The Chinese first pioneered it in different countries around the world, like Canada, USA and naturally in China also. It gained widespread acceptance because it offered opportunity to earn money by chance. Winning at Keno depends upon not skill but mere luck. In keno gambling skill does not play any part but it is pure luck which can make you win. All credit to the technological development that casinos need not be frequented physically to play the game. To play Keno in the casinos online is a very easy process and a 3rd grader is capable of playing it online.

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